Sire Lines


Being the largest Alpaca Stud in Australia our foundation lineages run deep through most advanced studs in the world.

The names of the following males you will hear regularly through your travels through the European Alpaca World – these are our SUPER SIRES!!


The Grandfather of EP Cambridge’s herd Stravinsky at the age of 16 still produces cria of exceptional quality with all the traits we selected him for in Peru in 2001.

After viewing hundreds and thousands of alpacas in the Altiplano Stravinsky took our eye immediately, with a show presence and substance of bone on a well proportioned compact frame.

When we opened or should I say pried open his fleece we were greeted with outstanding brightness and the sense of density we have only experienced on one other male alpaca – Conquistador!

The greasy feel to his fleece only enhanced his appeal and we knew we had to have him as he would add a certain kind of luxury and denseness to our future breeding programme.

Stravinsky is continually used over our Caesar daughters, Caesar was another of those alpacas we were not leaving Peru without a year earlier in 2000.

One of Stravinsky’s sons now stands at stud in the UK on our Wiltshire based farm ensuring Stravinsky’s stamp is world wide.


Firedragon is an outstanding male he has the look, the coverage, the density cutting 4.1 kg of skirted
fleece, The fineness 25u at 7 years of age and he is a coloured animal. We know now he is capable
at passing these traits on. Firedragon can now be regarded as a STUD male with trait predictability in
his progeny. His offspring are quickly becoming the most sort after bloodline especially his sons. His Australian National Champion Son EP Cambridge Invictus sold for the record price of $175,000 after being crowned as an Intermediate male.

Firedragon is covering all colours and continues to amaze in his ability to produce show quality and winning coloured alpacas from fawn through to black. This is rare to find in a Stud and we at EP Cambridge are proud to have such a gentleman and elite male standing with us.


Cavalier is the sire of the 2013 Australian National Supreme Champion, CAMBRIDGE STREETWISE, sold following his win at the 2013 Sale for the record price of $132,000.

Cavalier is a strong well balanced stud sire who has jumped up the ranks at EP Cambridge since he started work in 2007. He never ceases to disappoint when working with him and more importantly in the offspring he produces.

His value to EP Cambridge was cemented at the 2012 Australian National Show and Sale where his prgeny group took out the fiercely competitive sires progeny class. This proves he not only produces offspring of show winning class but also that he can do it time and time again as his cria look just like dad and are peas in a pod.

Cavalier himself still exhibits great crimp definition and organisation within the staples. His density ensures a high yield of top fleece is produced every year and this asset is being passed on time and time again to his progeny.

Affectionately known as “Papa Smurf” due to his amiable nature, he is a lover not a fighter however other males in his paddock still have a healthy respect for this strong boned, true to type huacaya macho.


Jointly owned with Softfoot, Propaganda now resides 6 mth of the year at EP Cambridge and is available for outside matings.

A perfectly conformed , upstanding male with solid bone structure. He screams “Look at me” and “Don’t dare look away”!!

Propaganda has a soft, very even, deeply crimped fleece with well defined staples from the top of his head right down under the belly and further through his extremities.His show career is highlighted in his photograph below where he one many colour championships as well as age champions, namely Reserve Champion Adult Male in 2007 at The Australian National Show and Sale.

Propaganda’s progeny now being shown, speak for themselves with classic huacaya looks, good conformation & soft crimpy defined fleeces. He is consistently imitating his colour through his progeny and produces true to type, brilliantly covered offspring. He is a valuable addition to EP Cambridge’s colour programme and is being used extensively in our ET breeding as well as natural breeding programmes.


Jaquan is a stunning grey macho who has proven himself valuable from his first cria without fail.

His fleece has a beautiful handle and remarkably even grey colouring. He shows a high frequency crimp style and grows excellent length of staple.

His progeny are already proving their worth in the showring. He consistently throws black and grey and the quality within his progeny’s fleeces are simply sensational.

We are excited by the advancement of our grey herd and have a great deal of thanks and respect for Jaquan helping us achieve improvement year in and year out.

He himself is still superfine with a airlike handle to his fleece and this fineness is being complimented beautifully with added density when combining his genetics with Proagandas.



Both of these legendary males have now passed on leaving their undeniable legacy throughout EP Cambridge’s herd and many herds throughout the world. EPC no longer sell Ruffo daughters so for those of you who have this gentleman’s bloodlines keep them close, they are bound to prove to be your best breeding lines.

Conquistador a Supreme Champion in his own right sired many champions, most notably Warrior who was awarded Supreme Champion year after year at the largest shows in Australia. EPC only have a limited number of his offspring still available.

Two superb males that were not only a pleasure to own and work with but exhibiting awesome attributes in fleece and conformation not to mention their ability to produce show winning progeny year after year!


EP Cambridge’s only in house male who has never been available for outside services. If you want this breeding you need to purchase his offspring or females pregnant to him.

Caesar still to this day had the most advanced fleece style we have seen, selected in Peru in 2000 he continues to produce our elite lines.



The legend continues…………..

Spartacus continually produces Supreme Quality offspring both in Australia where he is based and with his offspring who have been imported here to the UK. Cambridge Navigator continues to dominate the UK show circuit having been undefeated SUPREME CHAMPION in 2009 and now holding the title in 2010 having just won the Spring Fiesta.

This bloodline is a must have and is highly sort after.



Commish as he is affectionately known is a true favorite at EPC having produced some of our best show winners for many years. His offspring continually sell for high prices including sons Commish Lad to Germany and Savabeal to Belgium/Holland, both gaining record prices in those countries. His sons are proving themselves in their own right now standing at stud throughout the UK, Europe and Australasia and producing show winners time after time.




Stresleckie is a strong, upstanding, proud black stud sire. He has stunning brightness and crimp definition right the way along the staple to the tips. He has exceptional depth of pedigree incorporating black and grey so is the perfect choice for all your darker coloured females.

His sire Amar is highly regarded in black breeding throughout Australiasia.
Stresleckie was imported from Australia after winning the huge black male class at the 2006 Royal Melbourne Show where entries were in excess of 15 for the class!
We are absolutely delighted with his current group of cria, not only is he producing champion offspring he is passing on his beautiful temperament making him and is cria a pleasure to work with!


Lawbreaker ET, is a Warrior son by Eringa Park Showtime. Both sides of his pedigree boast show winning performances. His sire is highly decorated in the Australian show rings and his mother Showtime was part of our showteam right up until only a few years ago winning multiple Championships including The Nationals. Not only does he have impressive parents his grand fathers are 2 of the most recognized males in the world, Conquistador and Ruffo.

Lawbreaker has it all, a stocky frame with substance of bone and a truly beautiful Huacaya head. His fleece is vibrant, white with extremely advanced deep crimp from skin to tip. The crimp holds well into his extremities and is super soft to handle.

Lawbreaker is a valuable asset to EP Cambridge UK’s stable of males.


Cambridge Defiant is from our elite Australian herd boasting stunning genetic depth, he is an awesome addition to EP Cambridge’s famous herd sires in the UK.

Sired by EP Cambridge Spartacus whose most notable offspring here in the UK is Cambridge Navigator, Navigator was undefeated Supreme Champion in 2009, 2010 and this year he has been well represented by many of his cria now winning championships throughout the country.

Defiant exhibits an advanced fleece style with excellent ampltude, super density that keeps out foreign matter ensuring his fleece is stunningly bright when opened. He grows a superb fleece length and has consistency right down into his extreme of extremities.

On his dams side things get very interesting with her sire being EP Cambridge Caesar who is sadly deceased. In all our years breeding alpacas we to date have never seen a better more advanced fleece style than that of Caesar. His daughter’s are now proving our best lines and given Caesar was never available to outside services in Australia his genetics are not as prevalent making them highly desirable.


EP Cambridge Daredevil ET,  undoubtedly has the most indepth pedigree of any alpaca brought to the UK by us.

He is sired by EP Cambridge The Edge who in turn is sired by Commisario and to top it off he has the great grand sires of Conquistador and Ruffo.

On his dam’s side EP Cambridge Illustrious is sired by Ruffo therefore he will stay fine due to the double cross of Ruffo on both sides of his pedigree. He has the density of Commisario and Conquistador, what more could you want…………….?

Daredevil’s full brother EP Cambridge Ristaker ET dominated the Australian show circuit in his age group and is now one of top males in Australia.

Illustrious was a multiple show winner throughout Australia including a number of National Champion ribbons.

Daredevil is a special male who is and will continue to produce stunning, dense, advanced fleece styles that are seen throughout his family lineage.

His super fine fleece his wonderful and luxurious to handle. Daredevil has it all.


Accoyo Remarque is a magical male who has conjured up some of EP Cambridge’s most elite breeding results.

This upstanding male has been unfailing in grabbing the attention since the moment he made his debut to the UK Alpaca industry. Be it his own traits of awesome density, well defined crimp or breath taking brightness or perhaps the striking head type and stunning fleece characteristics of his progeny which cause you to stop and stare this is a male that no breeding programme should lack.

Remarque continues to impress not only with his progeny continuing to win championships throughout UK but he himself was the current Mature Senior Champion Male of the Bath and West in 2009.

He won the championship defeating a number of younger well recognized studs!