Black Suri Stud Sires

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For most of our time in alpacas we have bred suri alpacas. At first we concentrated on an elite group of whites we selected and then imported from Peru building the herd into an enviable quality breeding programme. This herd was subsequently sold as a whole to a New Zealand Breeder.

Since the sale of our first Suri herd we have continued our interest, hobby and love for the suri breed having purchased a number of coloured Suris on a subsequent visit to Peru. This included our first black stud EP Cambridge Bolero.

In Australia we now have a herd of around 50 coloureds suris and have recently added the new line of Canchones Lonestar to take this herd to the next level.

Suri and especially coloured suris have been a special interest of Matthews in particular and we look forward to the future and seeing the quality of these beautiful animals improving by the year.