The Leopard

IAR: 99215

Roan (Apaloosa)

DOB: 30.11.2003

Stud Sire details

The Leopard, well doesn’t the name say it all?

Apalloosa alpacas have become very desirable over the past couple of years not only in Australiasia but throughout the world.

Matthew decided long agao when this boy was born that he was going to keep his as a stud sire due to his uniformity of markings and the fact that his dam, EP Cambridge Grisabella was selected in Peru by us for her exceptionally advanced grey fibre. We had never seen a cloured alpaca like her, her fleece would have been amazing even if she were white!

Add Caesar as his sire and we were sure that The Leopard was worth keeping around and experimenting with. Matthew was of course ahead of his time and today we cannot keep up with the demand for “The Apaloosa”.

The Leopard has a fine, high frequency crimp style that is evenly coloured throughout.

He exhibits all the correct attributes of a huacaya herd sire.