Highest Price at the 2012 British Futurity Auction £9400


Name: CambridgeChiddy Bang Bang
Ear Tag: EPCBASUK436
Microchip: 982000145494422
Date of Birth: 10/07/10
Sire: Pyralisof Cambridge (Medium Grey)
Dam: Mohiniof EPC (Solid Dark Brown)

For those who want the best in coloured genetics.

Chiddy Bang Bangboasts an enviable pedigree on both sides of her family tree.

Her dam Mohini issired by Enchantment who in turn is sired by Purrumbete El Dorado and Mohini'sdam heralds from Purrumbete Don Quixote.

Chiddy Bang Bang'ssire Pyralis of Cambridge has excellent depth including Nostradamus as his sireand Highlander and Julius his grand sires, his dam is from the Don Julio line.

El Dorado,Highlander, Don Julio and Don Quixote are some of the founding sires of theAustralian alpaca industry and are well recognised throughout the world.

Chiddy Bang Bangis a complete package exhibiting a stocky stature with exceptional strength ofbone. This frame is covered from top to toe with a beautiful soft handlingfleece that displays stunning brightness. Her staple length is excellent andhas a fine high frequency crimp style holding the full length from skin to tip.Her true to type head and soft nature contribute to her overall appeal.

Chiddy Bang Bangis offered pregnant to Stresleckie of Cambridge, sire of Thunder who won anumber of UK black championships throughout 2010 and 2011 and subsequentlysyndicated for £35,000. Stresleckie is one of the best black males in the United Kingdom todayand his offspring continue to impress in the show rings. Chiddy was mated onlythe once on 8th August 2011 proving her to be a fertile young femaleready to potentially deliver her lucky purchaser the next black or greychampion!

 Histogram andhealth certificate will be available at the Futurity.