EP Cambridge Reactive ET

BAS ID:        UKBAS15422
Ear Tag: ACCBASUK460
Microchip:         982000123138235
Colour: Solid Black
DOB: 29/01/2009
Fleece Stats: MIC: 20.5µM, SD: 5.5µM, CV: 26.9%, 6.4% Over 30 Microns(µM).

Cambridge Reactive ET is the newest addition to our stable of black herd sires. 

Reactive was bred via embryo transfer in Australia where his dam, a very distinguished and well known female, was bred and flushed to produce multiple progeny. 

This donor female, Kerlan Bonita is EP Cambridge's leading black female who has bred elite show winning progeny from different sires. Reactive's sire is the famous Jolimont Jaquan who is fast becoming Australia's most proven and influential grey sire.

EP Cambridge Reactive ET is a striking looking young herd sire who exhibits a correct frame that is well covered in blue black fleece.

His fleece displays a high degree of brightness, softness and density. Each staple of fleece contains fibres that are extremely uniform in colour and well aligned.

With a proven and well performing family on both sides of his pedigree and a phenotype that is true to type, EP Cambridge Reactive ET is sure to be a valuable addition to any black and grey breeding programme.

EP Cambridge Reactive ET is co-owned with Inca Alpaca Stud

For bookings please contact Tim Hey from Inca on timhey@incaalpaca.co.uk

EP Cambridge Reactive ET body EP Cambridge Reactive ET fleece EP Cambridge Reactive ET