EP Cambridge Daredevil ET (Imp)

Australian IAR:        152438
Ear Tag: EPCBASUK2391
Microchip:         982000123115490
Colour: Solid White
DOB: 06/0/2009
Fleece Stats: 
Dec (2010)
 MIC: 16.7µM, SD:3. µM, CV: 20.7%.
Second Fleece

EP Cambridge Daredevil ET,  undoubtedly has the most in depth pedigree of any alpaca brought to the UK by us. 

He is sired by EP Cambridge The Edge who in turn is sired by Commisario and to top it off he has the great grand sires of Conquistador and Ruffo. 

On his dam's side EP Cambridge Illustrious is sired by Ruffo therefore he will stay fine due to the double cross of Ruffo on both sides of his pedigree. He has the density of Commisario and Conquistador, what more could you want................?

Daredevil's full brother EP Cambridge Ristaker ET is dominating the Australian show circuit in his age group and is our up and coming number one male in Australia.

Illustrious was a multiple show winner throughout Australia including a number of National Champion ribbons.

Daredevil is a special male who will stamp his presence on the UK industry producing stunning, dense, advanced fleece styles that are seen throughout his family lineage.

His super fine fleece his wonderful and luxurious to handle. Daredevil has it all and we await eagerly for his first cria.

EP Cambridge Daredevil ET EP Cambridge Daredevil ET EP Cambridge Daredevil ET fleece