EP Cambridge Collusion ET

IAR: 152389
Sire: EP Cambridge Spartacus
Dam: Verona 2
Colour: Solid White
DOB: 10/02/2009

Collusion is our "hidden weapon" who along with his brother Impervious are being announced to the UK Alpaca industry in 2013.

While both being superb examples of Elite alpacas the reason for our limitless faith in both these boys is that they are from the same dam as not only the reining 2012 Australian National Supreme Champion EP Cambridge Invictus but also the dominant Sire at both the 2012 and 2013 British Alpaca Futurity EP Cambridge Top Account!!!

Given we are talking about the 2 biggest alpaca shows in Britain and Australia what more confirmation do you need of super genetic prepotency?

Both these boys arrived last year and while kept under wraps they were both used extensively at EPC UK headquarters Baydon, last year so we are confidently looking forward to the arrival of the next drop of this dynastic family.


Collusion ET

Collusion ET Collusion fleece Collusion fleece 2